Event Works provides professional end-to-end solutions in event management in the Middle East. Bringing innovative and exciting concepts to life, Event Works delivers compelling event experiences from high profile entertainment concerts to prestigious corporate launches; and from glamorous fashion shows to elegant weddings.

With years of expertise and global expertise, trust Event Works to provide reliable, professional, and innovative services that make your events truly memorable and exhilarating experiences.

For more information on our patented 3D Eyeliner System, please click here.

To contact one of our representatives for an event brief, please click here.

At Eventworks, we make it our business to provide you with a unique event experience, designed to create optimum brand awareness. We create customized events & entertainment activities designed to enhance the overall brand experience.

-- Uwe Maass, Managing Director

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    want to be a reseller?


    You are looking to be a reseller or licensee - please contact us
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    Eyeliner Hologram on Wikipedia


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    Our latest setup in USA


    New productions in the USA - with 4mm LED screen, no projectors, which gives you a way better picture as you don't need to take care too much about the surrounding brightness. Our clients were more than happy.
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    Tupac comes alive again

    also look at Eyeliner in Media

    Done by our USA Partners Tupac came back to live at the Coachella Festival
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    World Record 45x8m


    Biggest Hologram done so far, 2 times 45x8m - don't miss the video on the video page
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    Maria Carey


    Maria Carey Hologram similtaneousley in 5 Cities
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    Black Eyed Peas

    Black Eyed Peas performing "The Time" at NRJ Music Awards 2011

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    Grammy Awards

    Watch Madonna performing virtually with the Gorillaz at the opening of the Grammy Awards 2006!! And more video samples from Eyeliner events and set ups
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    Traditional Wedding

    Male singer is live in the girl's ballroom

    You always wanted to have one of the famous male singers performing live on the brides marriage celebration? With our system you can have the singer live on stage.
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    Ministery of Education


    Introduction of E-Learning on the Gitex
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    In a total of 26 cities around the world at the same time Randstad celebrated the 50th anniversary. We organized the 5 events in 5 cities in India
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    location map

    here you find our location map

    Please click to see our location
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    Eyeliner in the Media


    follow some links to see Eyeliner events
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    set up specs


    please have a close look here to understand the regular way of the Eyeliner set up
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    Planning our latest Eyeliner project
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    TATA Trucks


    launch of new series of TATA trucks in Mumbai
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    Tokio Hotel


    Tokio Hotel use the Eyeliner to perform .......
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    around the world

    please have a look if there is any partner close to your location to help you
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    3D Movies


    Since Avatar a new hype started with the old 3D polarized technique. We have the experience with that technique and can offer you the screen, projectors, glasses and production.