Display your world
The Omniglobe, a digital and interactive „living planet“,
customized to your needs. Creates an emotional centre and
fills halls and exhibitions with a unique presence, 360 degree
views. Up to date and real time software.
Real time moving clouds and Animation of climate Star constellations, Historical globes, Planets, sun


Digital globes from 82 cm to 1,5 meters (2,5 and 4m also available with the projectors outside) in diameter. Pedestal design “free standing” or unique to the world “free floating” (big picture). Integrated highend computer and up to two high resolution HDTV projectors. Specially coated “contrast spherical screens” for brilliant image quality. Separate touchscreen control panel forcontinous projection mode, or interactive audience or presenter mode. Designed for long life operation in crowded areas.


Software solutions to customize your individual theme globe. Widest range
of topics, optimized to your needs. From realistic pictures of the earth to
GPS movements or art. Live streaming, video animations and multimedia
presentations. The best of edu- and docutainment. Connected to our server
for real time updates and downloads, or easily controlled by yourself.


The natural earth

San Diego, USA

art, advertising changes, tectonic images, civilisation, culture

Seoul, South Korea Chicago, USA Berlin, Germany

actual weather, live GPS data’s